LAB Junges Theater Zürich



TUE, 03.03.2020, 19:00 Uhr Sold Out
WED, 04.03.2020, 19:00 Uhr Sold Out

Duration: 100 Min.

DI, 03.03.2020, 18:15 Uhr, Inszenierungseinblick
DI, 03.03.2020, 21:00 Uhr, Publikumsgespräch
MI, 04.03.2020, 21:00 Uhr, Publikumsgespräch

With Charly Boanyah, Roman Kiwic, Christoph Rath., Anna-Katharina Müller, Jasmin Gloor, Robi Graf, Balazs Gyenes, Matthias Rott

Director Annina Dullin-Witschi
Artistic Collaborater and Theater Pedagogue Elina Wunderle
Stage Designer Beni Küng
Costume Designer Paula Herrmann
Music Marcel Gschwend
Dramaturg Fadrina Arpagaus
Project Management Deborah Imhof, Elina Wunderle
Assistant Director Anne-Sophie Mentha
Stage Design Assistent Sidonia Helfenstein
Lighting Designer/Technician Peter Göhler-Blaser, Paul Schuler
Guest Performance Technician Luca Schaffer

Performance Rights Felix Bloch Erben
Coproduction Theater Winkelwiese Zürich, Theater Chur


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© Sepp de Vries
© Sepp de Vries
© Sepp de Vries

Auerhaus (14+)

«Frieder wanted to kill himself. His friends move with him to the Auerhaus and try to revive his spirits. Who am I? What do I want? The Auerhaus becomes a fortress against the onslaught of the world»

Frieder has attempted suicide. After a stay in a psychiatric clinic, he does not want to return to his home. He moves into the Auerhaus, his grandfather’s empty house with his best friend Höppner, his friend Vera the wild one, the arsonist Pauline and the gay, weed smoking Harry. The four friends do everything they can to reawaken Frieder’s spirits. In the Auerhaus – the title is based on the catchy tune of the band Madness’s «Our House, in the Middle of the Street» – the five friends experience a short, wild year of freedom, a year full of exuberance, of embracing the world, of first sex, of melancholy and of several collapses. This story about growing up is told with relish and at a fast pace.

The LAB Junges Theater Zürich gave the first Swiss stage performance of the celebrated young adult novel by Bov Bjerg. The LAB Junges Theater Zürich is a network of theater professionals that realizes theater projects with young people aged 14 to 24. LAB stands for TheaterLABor. It creates a time for content and space to play, spinning thoughts, improvisation, using physical strength and intensive reflection throughout the ensemble.