The Center of the World

Theater St.Gallen

15+ I Partnerproduktion


TUE, 22.02.2022, 19:00 Uhr
WED, 23.02.2022, 19:00 Uhr

Duration: 90 Min

Actors & Actresses Julius Schröder, Tabea Buser, Jonathan Ferrari, Diana Dengler, Lea Marie Jacobsen, Marcus Schäfer

Production Martin Pfaff
Stage Design Anja Kreher
Music Andi Peter
Dramaturgy Armin Breidenbach
Lighting Design Rolf Irmer

Production Theater St.Gallen


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The Center of the World (15+)

«A touching story about growing up, being different, and first love. A brilliant young adult novel on stage.»

For seventeen-year-old Phil, life is complicated. With his slightly chaotic mother Glass and his twin sister Dianne, he lives in “Visible,” a mansion outside the city. Glass raises the two of them in an extremely liberal manner and, above all, teaches them to defend themselves in an emergency. The residents of the town are hostile and suspicious of the family. When Phil is attracted to the handsome new classmate Nicholas, it doesn’t make things any easier.

Andreas Steinhöfel’s unusual coming-of-age novel (The Center of the World) is a touching story about growing up, being different and first love. Its protagonist Phil is caught off guard by his feelings and is searching in many ways: for his father, for the secret of his family, love and, above all, for himself.

Martin Pfaff’s production was created for the «jungspund» festival. Pfaff studied German, theater and sociology and has been a freelance director since 2005 in Chemnitz, Regensburg, Kassel, Kiel and St.Gallen and elsewhere. He has staged «Durcheinandertal», based on the novel by Friedrich Dürrenmatt, the comedy «Noises Off!» by Michael Frayn and most recently «Die Orestie» by Aeschylus.