No Elephants Today

Team Tartar Zürich



WED, 04.03.2020, 10:00 Uhr
WED, 04.03.2020, 15:00 Uhr

Duration: 60 Min.

Artistic Directors Frederike Dengler, Eva Maria Küpfer
Dancers David Speiser, Emma Knuchel
Equipment Nicole Frei
Sound Design Michael Sauter
Lighting Designer David Baumgartner
Project Manager Eva Maria Küpfer

This performance begins on stage and then leads outside into the surroundings. Please wear weatherproof clothing.


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© Sascha Rijkeboer
© Sascha Rijkeboer
© Sascha Rijkeboer
© Sascha Rijkeboer

No Elephants Today (6+)

«Elephants are everywhere, you just have to look out for them and then you’ll start seeing them. A search for the big grey pachyderms, following their traces and their spirit.»

Here a slowly swinging movement of an arm, there a long, grey trunk , there a rough surface of a wall and here a dancer who lovingly knocks off his dance partner. Team Tartar guides our perception of elephants in their dance and theatre production. There are always plenty of elephants, we just don’t see them. Together with the audience, the search for the thick greyskins begins. First on stage, then in our surroundings. Is that a tree trunk or an elephant’s leg? Is that really a power cable or is it an elephant’s trunk? Team Tartar shows the elephants dancing, trotting and lying around. The hidden grey giants suddenly become visible, because at some point the audience starts to see the elephant all by itself.

Team Tartar develops dance and theater productions for young audiences. It was founded in autumn 2017 by Eva Maria Küpfer (choreographer) and Frederike Dengler (theater pedagogue). Team Tartar focuses on the contemporary communication of movement and stories. The main focus here is on discovering, or rediscovering, real and imaginary spaces, and on contemplating together with children.