Es Kamel im Zirkus

Cirque de Loin St.Gallen/Bern/Appenzell Ausserrhoden

6+ I Koproduktion I Festivaleröffnung


THU, 17.02.2022, 20:00 Uhr Sold out
FRI, 18.02.2022, 10:00 Uhr

Duration: 70 Min

THU, 17.02.2022, 18:00 Uhr, Introduction

Guitar, Accordion, Percussion Reto Ammann
Balafon, Percussion, Voice Adrian Egger
Cello, Voice Lorena Dorizzi
Dance Julia Anna Sattler
Play, Music, Singspiel Michael Finger

The Eye from outside Newa Grawit, Noah Egli
Choreography Günter Klingler
Costume, Stage Design Laura Oertle, Marisa Mayer
Sound Design, Technician Jonas Häni
Lighting Design, Technician Maria Liechti
Graphics Lucia Gerhardt
Production Manager Rebecca C. Schnyder

A Production by Cirque de Loin
In Cooperation with jungspund – Theaterfestival für junges Publikum St.Gallen


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A Camel in the Circus (6+)

«Music, theater, dance and a bit of circus – lovingly wild, trashy and at the same time very poetic. Cirque de Loin tells the story of the camel and the clown.»

A camel is captured in the desert and is sold overseas to a circus. There it meets the clown and the two become good friends. But many years later, the camel is still terribly homesick and longs to return to its family. One day it finds the courage to leave the circus and begin its journey back to the desert in the company of the clown. Now their adventure really begins.

In the villages they pass through, the camel and the clown perform their joint circus act for food and drink, and soon they are accompanied on their long journey by three wonderful musicians. But when the little caravan finally arrives in the desert, things turn out quite differently than they expected.

Cirque de Loin has been realizing projects in theater, dance, contemporary circus as well as music and film since 2009. Finger’s dialect songs and the recording of the play will be released on CD and on the usual streaming portals to accompany the production.