Eureka! Who invented it?

Theater Kolypan Zürich



FRI, 06.03.2020, 19:00 Uhr Premiere Sold Out

SAT, 07.03.2020, 14:30 Uhr

Duration: 60 Min.

SAT, 07.03.2020, 13:45 Uhr, Introduction

Author/Actress Fabienne Hadorn, Gustavo Nanez, Herwig Ursin

Director Max Merker
Dramaturg Niklaus Helbling
Assistance Sara Bienek
Staging Gustavo Nanez
Stage Design Sara Giancane
Light Design/Technical Director Verena Kälin
Illustration Kati Rickenbach
Production Management Angela Sanders

Coproduction «jungspund – Theaterfestival für junges Publikum St.Gallen», Fabriktheater Rote Fabrik Zürich, Schlachthaus Theater Bern


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© Luis Eduardo Martínez

Eureka! Who invented it? (8+) I Coproduction I Premiere

«What have our ingenious inventions brought us? In rapid succession two inventors experience how the world has become what it is through discoveries and inventions and what it can still become.»

Inventors are at work in Heureka! A full-time professional spoiled by success, a dreamy fantasist and an as-yet unrecognised inventor who is perhaps on the verge of a groundbreaking breakthrough. But how do inventions actually come about and what consequences do they have for our lives? What drives us to want to invent anything at all? And what does it take to produce something new? Happiness, chance or even something like the Great Stench of London in 1858?
In their search for answers, the three inventors are amazed to discover that the best inventions were often made by women. They experience in a historical flashback who invented what and why. In the process, they themselves are inspired to make new inventions and come up with new creations they never intended. They empty stuff, stumble, pluck gut strings, juggle with bones and press the wrong keys until there are no more stones on top of each other–until the invention itself has been reinvented.
The play «Heureka! Who invented it?» lives from the bizarreness and kindness of its characters, a stage set with love and with details. It is full of highly musical slapstick, with a amazingly light learning effect!

Kolypan is a theatrical invention by Fabienne Hadorn and Gustavo Nanez. The theater was founded in 2000 and since then has been working together with a wide variety of artists in the independent theater scene. In 2019 Kolypan was the first children’s theater group to receive the three-year artist sponsorship from the City of Zurich Culture.