The Tales of Michael Köhlmeier

Vorstadttheater Basel

12+ I City Walk


TUE, 22.02.2022, 19:00 Uhr Sold out
WED, 23.02.2022, 19:00 Uhr Sold out

Duration: 90 Min

The starting point will take place at the FigurenTheater St.Gallen.

Weatherproof clothing and comfortable shoes are recommended.

Actor Matthias Grupp
Music Florian Grupp

Direction Gina Durler
Dramaturgy Ueli Blum
Costume Design Eva Butzkies
Technical Crew Christian Foskett, Lukas Hohl, Kim Kästli
Production Management Ronja Rinderknecht

Production Vorstadttheater Basel
Performance Rights by Rowohlt Theater Verlag, Hamburg. Die Märchen von Michael Köhlmeier, illustriert von Nikolaus Heidelbach, sind im Carl Hanser Verlag GmbH & Co KG, München © 2019 erschienen


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© Xenia Zezzi
© Xenia Zezzi
© Xenia Zezzi
© Xenia Zezzi
© Xenia Zezzi

The Tales of Michael Köhlmeier (12+)

«Enigmatic, absurd, sometimes dazzlingly beautiful, mostly evil, disturbing stories. Michael Köhlmeier’s fairy tales are not retellings of well-known material, but «fairy tales of our time.»

The world of wonderful occurrences, where time and logic dissolve and yet everything is strangely true – that is the world of fairy tales. They are about rebelling forces of nature, about someone who gradually sells all his senses, about villagers praying to the rain and the wild hunt led by Death himself. Cunning scoundrels, a cursed mouth, hanged men talking, unborn children singing, angels counting tears and eternally gossiping party comrades – they all live in Michael Köhlmeier’s 151 fairy tales.

The Vorstadttheater Basel stages five of them on a walk through the city. Walking through the city, wearing headphones, the audience follows the live performance and narration by Matthias Grupp and the music by Florian Grupp.

Vorstadttheater Basel stages sophisticated, professional and contemporary theater for children and adults. The main focus of the program is on the one or two productions a year by the company’s own ensemble, which are first performed en suite in Basel and then tour the German-speaking theater world.