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THU, 01.03.2018, 14:00 Uhr (sold out)
THU, 01.03.2018, 20:00 Uhr
FRI, 02.03.2018, 20:30 Uhr

Duration: ca. 50 Min

With Kathrin Veith 

Concept, Direction, Dialect Edit, Sound Taki Papaconstantinou 
Costume, Props Natalie Péclard
Theatre Pedagogy Barbara Schüpbach

Production bravebühne Winterthur

Coproduction Theater am Gleis Winterthur


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© bravebühne
© bravebühne

War (age 12+)

Escape from Switzerland before the war

There’s a war on! However, it isn’t somewhere far, far away, it’s in the middle of Europe, in Switzerland. Switzerland has been conquered, and divided up under German and Italian occupation. Whoever can, flees to the Middle East, like the 13-year-old protagonist. In an Egyptian refugee camp our heroine tries to start a new life with her family. But because she does not have a residence permit, she can’t go to school, she can’t learn Arabic or find any work. She feels like an outsider and longs for her home. But where is home? She has lost her homeland and remains a foreigner in her new country. Her life will never be the same as it was before the war.

The play “War” is based on the juvenile fiction book of the same name by the Danish writer Janne Teller. Prior to writing the book, Teller was a well-known EU and UN conflict advisor. The play has been rewritten by “bravebühne” in a dialect version for a Swiss audience. “War” draws the audience into a mental game based on burning topics such as refugees, migration and the fear of foreigners.

The theater company katerland has been producing plays for children and adults since 1989. Since 1999 it has also been known as bravebühne, and has become famous for its theatrical experiments for young people and adults. katerland/bravebühne puts on about 100 performances per year in the German-speaking countries.