Pool Position

junges theater basel



FRI, 28.02.2020, 19:00 Uhr
SAT, 29.02.2020, 19:30 Uhr Sold out

Duration: 90 Min.

SA, 29.02.2019, 18:45 Uhr, Introduction

With Flynn Jost, Rosa-Lin Meessen, Tim Brügger

Script Lucien Haug
Director Suna Gürler
Stage Designer Ursula Leuenberger
Sound Designer Manuel Gagneux
Dramaturg Uwe Heinrich
Assistance Anna Gerber
Technician Claudio Bagno



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© junges theater basel
© junges theater basel
© junges theater basel

Pool Position (14+)

«After their catastrophic birthday party Linus and his sister Cora want to do something useful in Italy and save refugees. But there is also young Messi and soon the question of meaning again arises, this time in a different form.»

Linus had a hell of a party for his 18th birthday, but the awakening afterwards is pure horror: the pool is devastated, the Steinway piano has been vomited on all over. Now it’s time to run away. Linus’ sister Cora encourages Linus to do just that. Cora has long wanted to get out of her privileged life. She convinces Linus to go to Sicily with her. Staying at the family’s holiday home, the two decide to help save refugees. But Linus has his doubts: What about the responsibility this entails? Is the will to help actually commitment, or just plain selfishness? When the two meet the charismatic Messi, the question of the meaning of life again arises, this time in a different way, because Messi can dance and kiss passionately.
Pool Position is a coming-of-age journey, a play about rich kids and their struggle to answer the big questions in life that we keep asking ourselves again and again, while at the same time repressing them.

Lucien Haug from Basel wrote the story especially for the actors and actresses of the young theatre basel. Since 1977, the young theater basel has been mounting productions for a young audience with alternating ensembles of professionals and amateurs. «Pool Position» is a play in Swiss dialect.