The True Story about Rain and Storm

La Grenouille Biel/Bienne



THU, 05.03.2020, 10:00 Uhr Sold Out
FRI, 06.03.2020, 10:00 Uhr Sold Out

Duration: 85 Min.

Actors/Actress Arthur Baratta, Clea Eden, Christoff Raphaël Mortagne

Production/Adaption Charlotte Huldi
Stage Designer Verena Lafargue Rimann
Music Jonas Kocher
Lighting Designer Jérôme Bueche
Technician Tom Häderli
Translation from English Gabriela Haefs
Translation of the stage version into French Clea Eden
Production Manager Milena Geiser
Communication and Administration Manager Amandine Thévenon, Lisa Lysenko

Production La Grenouille 2017, nach dem Kinderroman von Ann M. Martin
Rights Nach dem Roman Rain Reign © 2014 by Ann M. Martin, Adapted for the stage by arrangement with Ann M. Martin Inc., Werk vermittelt durch die Literarische Agentur Thomas Schlück D-Grabsen, Carlsen Verlag Hamburg


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© Guy Perrenoud
© Guy Perrenoud

The True Story about Rain and Storm (10+)

«Ruth is different: She loves words and prime numbers. If she didn’t have her dog, she would be very lonely. When he disappears, her world collapses. But then she sets off on a journey.»

Ruth knows all too well the question «Why can’t you be like all the other kids?». Everyone keeps asking her this, even her father. Ruth plays with words, is enthusiastic about prime numbers and creates lists, all things that other children don’t do. Ruth is alone with her passions.
But fortunately there is Rain, Ruth’s dog, and Uncle Weldon, who understands her. One night a storm sweeps over the land and Rain disappears. Ruth is desperate. Why did her father let her dog out? Ruth’s world has been turned upside down, but not for long. Because she knows what to do: all alone she goes on a search. When she finds Rain, she makes a decision. This is a story about otherness, loneliness and security, about justice and letting go.

La Grenouille – a Theatre Center for Young Audiences – was founded 34 years ago in Biel/Bienne by Charlotte Huldi and Arthur Barrata. La Grenouille has been based in Biel for 30 years and it produces plays for a young audience. Since the beginning till today all productions are mounted bilingually. The ensemble has received several awards, most recently the Art Prize of the Canton of Berne in 2017.