Toto, Laura and the City Musicians

Theater Kolypan Zürich



SUN, 20.02.2022, 11:00 Uhr

Duration: 60 Min

With & by Martina Binz, Gustavo Nanez

Director Max Merker
Stage Design Gustavo Nanez
Production Management, Concept Angela Sanders

Production Theater Kolypan


© Angela Sanders
© Angela Sanders

Toto, Laura and the City Musicians (6+)

«The rooster is too old to crow, the cat too old to chase mice away, the donkey too old to carry loads, and the dog no longer wants to hunt. A road show about friendship and courage.»

Toto is an aging globetrotter who travels far and wide playing his music. When he wants to give a concert, someone pulls the plug on him – Laura! She has lost her footing after the death of her grandmother and ends up on the street. Similar to the four animals from “The Bremen Town Musicians”, Laura and Toto wonder how they can survive in this hectic world. As the duo Laura & Toto, they set out on a journey.

The motley mix of Toto and Laura’s street music becomes the leitmotif of a funny and quirky tale about a donkey, a dog, a cat and a rooster on the move, winning the hearts of the audience with touching insights into the stories of two homeless people.

Gustavo Nanez founded Theater Company Kolypan with Fabienne Hadorn in 2000. Kolypan has since produced plays for children and young people and is known for trashy, funny shows, yet with depth. The troupe has already been invited to festivals in Germany, Austria, France, Italy and Japan. The new play was developed in collaboration with actress Martina Binz and director Max Merker.