Do not go into the Forest, because the Forest is in the Forest

Cie. Tabea Martin Basel



SAT, 19.02.2022, 19:00 Uhr
MON, 21.02.2022, 14:00 Uhr

Duration: Ca. 60 Min

After the Saturday night performance the award ceremony of the «PRIX ASSITEJ» and a «MEZU» concert will take place.

Dance Léa Vinette, Stanley Ollivier, Calvin Ngan, Georges Hann

Choreography Tabea Martin
Music Donath Weyeneth
Costume Design Yasmin Attar
Stage Design Veronika Mutalova
Assistant Stage Design & Assistant Costume Design Myriam Müller
Dramaturgy Moos van den Broek
Assistant Choreography and Mediation Dominique Cardito
The Eye from outside Sebastian Nübling
Production Manager Franziska Ruoss

Coproduction Kaserne Basel, jungspund – Theaterfestival für junges Publikum St.Gallen, im Rahmen des Fonds Junges Publikum von Reso – Tanznetzwerk Schweiz
Supported By Pro Helvetia – Schweizer Kulturstiftung, Jacqueline Spengler Stiftung, Ruth und Paul Wallach Stiftung, Stanley Thomas Johnson Stiftung


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Do not go into the Forest, because the Forest is in the Forest (8+)

«What is the norm? How do you move the right way, how do you move the wrong way? Who determines that? Why do some people have all the opportunities in the world, and others have none?»

The disappointment when something is different from what one imagined – the feeling of not being accepted and marginalized. When one is not welcomed, but excluded, discriminated against. Because of the color of your skin, your language, because you move in a different way than the others?

In her new play, Swiss choreographer Tabea Martin, together with four professional dancers and accompanied by musician Donath Weyeneth, explores the power of prejudices and fears caused by the unfamiliar and new. Their aim is not to suggest solutions, but to show why it is so difficult for children to talk about exclusion. How do they experience it when they do not belong? How can they react, defend themselves, and gain respect?

Choreographer Tabea Martin studied modern dance at the Amsterdam University of the Arts and choreography at the Rotterdamse Dansacademie. Since 2009 she has regularly created performances for children.