Where your House lives

Reich & Schön Zürich



TUE, 22.02.2022, 10:00 Uhr
WED, 23.02.2022, 14:30 Uhr

Duration: 60 Min

Actresses Denise Hasler, Kapi Kapinga Grab

Script Eva Rottmann
Direction Andreas Bürgisser
Costume Design Tatjana Kautsch
Scenography Linda Rothenbühler
Music Christoph Scherbaum
Lighting Design Grigorios Tantanozis
Technician Matteo Emilio Baldi
Asstistant Irina Amstutz
Production Management Michelle Wimmer

A Production by Reich und Schön In Coorperation With Theater Tuchlaube Aarau



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© Donovan Wyrsch
© Donovan Wyrsch
© Donovan Wyrsch

Where your House lives (11+)

«Origin is like parents: just going to the kiosk to get new ones doesn’t work. What can you do?»

You have an origin. You come from somewhere. From good or bad genes, from a the high-class part of town, from a block apartment, from a country, from a backwater or a city of millions. And from parents, two or more people, present or absent, depressed or cheerful, always drunk or otherwise embarrassing, too rich or too poor, too close or too far away. Our parents, house, apartment, street, school and the environment leave an imprint on us, permeate us with the smell of origin. It sticks. You cannot change it like perfume.

Kapi Kapinga Grab, born in Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Denise Hasler born in Solothurn, play out versions of their lives and ours. They travel into the past and set a new course. What if I had run away? What if I had told my father to stop drinking?

Reich & Schön realize theater projects at schools and are active as a collective in the independent theater scene. Several of their plays deal with origin and homeland. Reich & Schön are Andreas Bürgisser and Sabina Reich.