The Word Factory

equipe wiss Luzern & Corsin Gaudenz



SAT, 29.02.2020, 16:30 Uhr Sold out
MON, 02.03.2020, 10:00 Uhr

Duration: 60 Minuten

WED, 26.02.2020, 18:15 Uhr, Introduction

Actress, The Voice Isa Wiss
Double bass, Actor Luca Sisera
Piano, Actress Vera Kappeler
Drums, Actor Peter Conradin Zumthor
Director Corsin Gaudenz
Stage Božena Čivić, Jasmin Wiesli
Costumes Nicole Müller
Technics Beat Allgaier
Dramaturg Dagny Gioulami
Production Management Isa Wiss, Anita Zihlmann

A production by equipe wiss and Corsin Gaudenz
in coproduction with Kleintheater Luzern, Theater Tuchlaube Aarau, ThiK Theater im Kornhaus Baden


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© Ingo Höhn
© Ingo Höhn
© Ingo Höhn
© Ingo Höhn
© Ingo Höhn

The Word Factory (5+)

«Paul and Oscar love Marie, but they cannot tell her, because every word spoken in the land of the Word Factory costs money, money they do not have. Will wordless adoration be all there is for them?»

It is Visitor’s Day at the Word Factory. Paul, Oscar and Marie are slaving away over their instruments. With a double bass, drums and piano they create letters and words. They are strictly controlled by their rich boss. Words start sounding and fading away, break up and are repaired. One word may become dangerous, another one is put in a museum. The longest word is found and wrapped up. In the land of the Word Factory, using words is only possible if you buy them, and that costs money. Paul, Oscar and Marie cannot afford those expensive words. Yet Paul and Oscar would have a lot to say: they have both fallen in love with Marie. Fortunately, it is not only in words that feelings can be expressed.

The equipe wiss theater was founded by the singer Isa Wiss. The picture book «The Great Word Factory» has remained with her for a long time. In her work as a singer she devotes herself to non-conforming sounds. The wiss team wants to open children’s ears to New Music, by expanding play techniques and through improvisation. In this play the children sit right in the center, in the middle of the Word Factory.