Dani Mangisch Brig



FRI, 18.02.2022, 10:00 Uhr
SAT, 19.02.2022, 14:30 Uhr

Duration: 55 Min

Puppeteer, Actor Dani Mangisch

Director Dirk Vittinghoff
Puppet Making, Stage Design, Costume Design Sibylla Walpen
Assistant Puppet Maker Myriam Casanova
Mediation Barbara Terpoorten
Production Management Marie Theres Langenstein

Production mangischproduktionen


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© Niklaus Spoerri
© Niklaus Spoerri
© Niklaus Spoerri
© Niklaus Spoerri

Yark (7+)

«In a wild ride, Dani Mangisch gallops through Yark’s adventures between dialects, puppets and objects.»

Yark loves to eat little children. But only the good ones – the naughty ones make him sick. So he decides to work through Santa’s list of the top ten most well-behaved. The first child knows how to defend himself against a yark: use bad words. The second child gives the Yark a monstrous upset stomach. Then he meets Madeleine, who restores him with alpine herbs and changes him.

«Yark», an illustrated children’s book by Bertrand Santini, tells how two unequals become friends and that change is possible. It is as subversive as «Max and Moritz» or «Where the Wild Things Are».

Dani Mangisch wants to scare the audience in a fun way and show that some things only live in our heads. With a gripping narrative and an «object theater performance», he resurrects the world of monsters and breathes life into puppets and objects.

The association mangischproduktion was founded especially for «Yark» in 2019 and aims to establish professional theater for children in the Canton of Valais. Mangisch knows that children’s plays should entertain adults as well. His productions are mobile and he also performs in libraries, classrooms and the like.