About the Festival

«jungspund» was founded in 2016 and celebrated its first edition in 2018. The festival takes place biennially and lasts for ten days. Partners of the festival are the Theater St.Gallen and the FigurenTheater St.Gallen as well as the ASSITEJ Switzerland and kklick – Kulturvermittlung Ostschweiz.

«jungspund» is a national festival that offers theater professionals the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas. The program – with exclusively Swiss productions from as many parts of the country and as many language regions as possible – sees itself as a bold statement for Swiss theater professionals. We promote young talent, co-produce with Swiss groups and provide a forum to allow the most diverse interest groups to network.

Our declared aim is to make the festival even better known beyond Switzerland’s borders, and, in the long term, to become an important and unmissable festival with international appeal.

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